Weather & Dress

As the weather history at the link above indicates, Tallahassee has a wide range of temperatures with fairly consistent high humidity. In the winter months, it is advisable to dress in several layers that can be added or removed. There is almost never ice or snow in Tallahassee, but the temperature does get below freezing some nights and early mornings. Spring is very mild and pleasant. In the summer and early Fall, Tallahassee is generally hot and often rainy in the afternoons. One should always have an umbrella handy and should monitor the weather before leaving the house.

Florida State University is designed to be a walking campus. Generally, it will be difficult to drive from one area of campus to another and find parking. For that reason, comfortable flat shoes that can withstand rainy conditions are highly recommended. In general, FSU students dress very casually, while faculty and staff often dress in business casual. Buildings on campus are air-conditioned and may be quite a bit colder than the outdoors, especially in the summer months.

Important Note: Tallahassee can experience the impact of hurricanes during the annual hurricane season – June 1 to November 30. It is always advisable to have a plan in place before a hurricane is imminent. During severe weather, keep all of your immigration documents and driver’s license with you at all times and in a watertight container. More information regarding hurricane preparedness is at and tornado preparedness is at