The Tallahassee Regional Airport will be your final destination when traveling by air. The airport code is TLH.

City buses do not travel to the Tallahassee regional airport, but other ground transportation is available. There are several rental car agencies outside of the baggage claim area and reservations can be made online in advance. Current information about all ground transportation options is available at Be sure you have an international driver's license in order to drive a rental car.

If you decide to take a taxi, the taxi stand is located to the right as you exit the baggage claim area. A taxi between the airport and FSU will cost approximately $20. Taxis at the taxi stand are safe and well-regulated. Be sure to bring the physical address of your apartment or hotel with you in your carry-on luggage. There is no temporary housing at FSU. So, if you have not finalized an apartment lease, you will need to book a hotel before your arrival and have the taxi take you to that hotel.

Tallahassee has a city bus system as well as an FSU campus bus system. Please note that there is limited city and campus bus service on evenings and Sundays. Transportation links are:

FSU Campus routes require no fare. City buses are $1.25 in exact change in each direction, or you can purchase a monthly pass online. Students enrolled in classes and who have paid their fees, as well as paid FSU employees, faculty, and researchers will have free access to the city bus system with their FSUCard.

You may be interested in riding to campus with others in your area who are driving into FSU at the same time of day–carpooling. You do not need to own a car to participate in a carpool. You may instead contribute toward a driver's gas and parking expenses. You can sign up online as an interested carpooler, and you will receive a list of other drivers/riders in your area who are traveling to and from campus at the same time. You can then contact these people to arrange to be included in their carpool, if they have available space. More information is at Commuter Services of North Florida. Long distance carpooling may also be an option for a weekend trip out of Tallahassee.