University Housing

University housing costs are not included in the tuition and fees at Florida State University. If you want the option of living on campus, you can apply for housing online as soon as you are officially admitted to FSU. Housing at university-owned residence halls and apartments fill quickly. More information about on-campus housing options is available from the University Housing website.

  • Students should apply to on-campus housing immediately after university admission at housing.fsu.edu.
  • You will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to apply for on-campus housing.
  • FSU housing flyer on graduate student on-campus housing options. Please contact the housing office for more information.

Off-Campus Housing Options


IMPORTANT: Due to the corona virus pandemic and possible ongoing impacts from this, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN a lease in Tallahassee until you have received your student visa and can come to FSU once classes begin face to face. If you sign a lease, and then cannot arrive in Tallahassee due to visa delays for travel bans, you will still be held financially responsible for paying for the apartment every month.

Please note that FSU does not endorse or recommend any off-campus housing options. You should carefully consider and research all options before making the housing decisions that best fit your individual needs. This material is being provided to you for informational purposes only and may not represent the full range of options that are available to you.

Apartments Recommended by International Students

Each spring semester, we survey FSU international students to see if they would recommend where they currently live to other students. The map and table below present data from that survey, as well as information obtained by calling the apartment management companies in March 2021. The cap icon on the map are located the centers of the FSU Main and Engineering Campuses.

Click here to download a spreadsheet with details about the recommended apartments

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information about apartments, which is subject to change. It is your responsibility to verify the terms of your lease before signing. We collect and provide the following information for your convenience only and do not endorse or make recommendations about off-campus housing.

Lease Types and Apartment Layouts

Some apartments allow residents with roommates to sign individual leases, while others only work with group leases. Individual leases are an advantage because they ensure that you will not be responsible for your roommates’ rent if they do not pay. Group leases hold all roommates collectively responsible for payments and deposits.

Some apartments that offer individual leases in multi-bedroom apartments also allow you to secure a room before leases are signed for other rooms; other apartments require that all individual leases are signed at the same time, meaning that you first need to find or be matched with roommates. All rent prices listed are per/bedroom (for group leases, multiply costs by the number of bedrooms to find the apartment’s monthly rent).

Renting only one bedroom in a multi-bedroom apartment will not be appropriate if you have a family or will have family visiting during your stay. Be careful that you understand the apartment’s layout before signing your lease.

Furnishing and Utilities

"Furnished" typically means that basic furniture is provided–usually a sofa, dining table and chairs, and a bed. Sometimes apartments offer the option to have your apartment furnished at an additional monthly cost. Other amenities, such as pots, pans, dishes, utensils, paper products, televisions, appliances, bed linens, and towels are not generally provided. You will need to purchase these items shortly after arrival. The Center for Global Engagement does have a "lending closet" where you can borrow donated dishes, utensils, pots and pans, and potentially some small appliances during normal business hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

If utilities are not included in your rental fee, be sure to connect your utilities in advance of arrival. For more information, see our Utilities, TV & Internet page.

Application, Guarantor and Deposits

When applying for an apartment lease, you may be requested to provide a U.S. Social Security number and/or a U.S. guarantor responsible for paying your rent if you do not. When inquiring about apartments, you should ask if they require either and the deposit amount you would need to pay without them. The table above shows deposit amounts for renters with and without guarantors.


When looking for options, you will want to consider safety and transportation options, both to campus and a grocery store, the school district for any school-aged children who will be joining you. Here are some maps that will help you determine the best housing location for you: 

Student Government Association (SGA): Off-Campus Housing

This website, sponsored by SGA, has searchable listings of off-campus housing options in Tallahassee. In the ROOMMATES section, you can create an account with your FSU email, complete a personal profile and communicate with other FSU students looking for a room or someone to share their apartment with.

Dean of Students: Guide to Successful Off-Campus Living in Tallahassee

This is your all–in–one–place guide for how to have a successful student experience living off–campus. Use this guide when you are connecting utilities, apartment hunting, and learning about Tallahassee. You can also find information on staying connected to campus and tips for successful off–campus living.

Private Residence Halls-Southgate

Students who are interested in a residence hall setting, but who have missed the on-campus housing application deadline, can consider South Gate Campus Center, which is a private residence hall close to FSU’s main campus.

Scholarship Housing

The Southern Scholarship Foundation provides rent-free, cooperative living houses for a limited number of students with excellent academic records and high financial need. Students share all household duties and expenses for food and utilities. Click on the link above for full eligibility requirements and application.

Short-term Housing Options

Please be aware that most property owners offer leases on a yearly basis. If your program is shorter than one year, you will need to look specifically for a short-term lease or a sublease. You should read any lease agreement very carefully in order to avoid any unnecessary and excessive fees. Some short-term leases require additional advance written notice that you will not be renewing the lease at the end of the lease term, and will charge additional rent if notice is not given in time.

Subleases at any time of year are usually easy to find. Spring and summer subleases will be short-term. Subleases in the fall will generally be for 9-12 months. Just ask your desired apartment complex for their sublease list, and they will provide your contact information for tenants looking for a sublessor. Looking for subleases through unsupervised sites like Craigslist is not advisable, as there have been fraudulent listings in our area.

Apartments with Short-term Lease Options

Apartment Shortest Lease Available (extra charge/month)
Ashford Club* 7 months ($50)
Aspen Run* 7 months 
Blairstone Apartments* 7 months ($50)
Capital Walk 3 months ($200), 7 months ($100)
Century Capital City  
Collegewood Fall or Spring Semester ($200)  
Cottages At Cumberland Forest* 7 months
Evergreens at Mahan* 7 months (up to $100)
FORUM at Tallahassee Student Apartments* 5 months ($150)
Franklin Pointe Apartments* 7 months ($150)
Hillwood Apartments* 7 months
Jefferson Arms Fall or Spring Semester ($200)  
Mystic Woods Condos* 7 months ($50)
Polo Club 6 months ($100), 9 months ($50)
Savannahs* 7 months (Varies)
South Gate Campus Center (Dorm Rooms) Spring Semester = $5,300 total
SouthGroup Apartments 7 months (10% of rent)
The Oasis at 1800* 7 months ($75)
The Park at Southwood  
The Village Condominiums* 7 months ($75)
Town Tallahassee (One Bedroom Apartments)  1 month = $1462/month, 4 months = $1350/month, 6 months = $1237/month
University Village 5 months ($75), 10 months ($50)
West 10 Fall and Spring Semsters ($50-$100)
2626 Park 7 months ($50)

Extended stay hotels

Ask your apartment complex when you can check-in to your apartment. If you are arriving in the evening or a weekend, it is likely that you will need to reserve a hotel room for a night or two until you can check-in to your apartment.

If you need a place to stay longer term, the following hotels have extended stay options.

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