Economic Hardship/Employment with an International Organization

  • Severe Economic Hardship – This is for economic hardship that arises from a sudden, urgent, and unforeseen circumstance beyond your control. Example: Car accident/medical bills, scholarship ends unexpectedly, primary sponsor loses job, natural disaster, devaluation of home currency. F-1 students should go to the Economic Hardship application for more information. J-1 students will need to provide documentation of the situation to the program sponsor indicated in box 2 of the DS-2019 form for approval of a specific job opportunity that does not exceed 20 hours per week, inclusive of any approved on-campus employment.
  • Employment with an International Organization – F-1 students can use this option if offered a job from a qualifying international organization. Speak with an F-1 advisor for more information. There is no similar benefit for J-1 students.
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