Please note that the following advisors are only provided for current and prospective students of Florida State University and only in the context of international visits to FSU specifically. Their advising services are not intended to be used, and should not be construed, as general legal advice.

F-1 Advisors

Your F-1 status allows you to study in the United States. It is important that you know both the rules and special benefits related to your F-1 status. There are four F-1 advisors at Florida State University to assist you in your immigration needs.


Betty Jensen

Immigration Advisor

Advisor for F-1 Graduate Students with Last Names A-L and Y-Z and J-1 Non-Degree Students

Phone: 850-645-6879


Quinn O'Brien

Immigration Advisor

Advisor for All Incoming F-1 Students and DS-2019 Process for Incoming J-1 Students

Phone: 850-645-4070


Angélique Stevens

Immigration Advisor

Advisor for J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholars and F-1 Graduate Students with Last Names M-X

Phone: 850-645-1424



The CGE has walk-in advising hours every Monday through Friday from 2-4 p.m. at The Globe for F-1 students. F-1 immigration advising is now also available at the College of Engineering every Wednesday from 1-4:30 in B111J.

No appointments are necessary.

J-1 Advisor

The J-1 student status is issued primarily for government-funded students and students coming for a short-term, exchange program, under an agreement between their home university and FSU.


E. Tanya Schaad

SEVIS Data Coordinator
Advisor to J-1 Students and Scholars

Walk-in hours: 3-4:30 pm

Phone: 850-644-0977


 You may contact an advisor:

  • By phone or email
    • Walk-in hours are on a first-come, first-served basis
    • If you need more than 10 minutes with an advisor, you should schedule an appointment instead of coming during walk-ins
  • By scheduling an appointment (do this by phone or email).
    • Unfortunately, you cannot make same-day appointments.

Application forms, drop/add forms, travel signature requests, and other documents can be dropped off at the front desk. You do not need to see an advisor unless you have specific questions about your application. Your advisor will email you once your forms are ready to be picked up.

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