Step 10: Obtain FSUCard & Bank Account

Obtain your FSUCard

Go to the FSUCard Center during normal business hours to obtain your FSUCard. You will need to tell them your EMPLID. If you do not know your EMPLID, click here to find it in your myFSU account.

The FSUCard serves as the student ID that gives access to libraries, gyms, sports fields, sports matches, movies, buses, residence halls, etc. You can also store money on the FSUCard’s chip for printing, vending machines, on-campus laundry and purchases at the FSU Bookstore and UPS Store.

An FSU Card Fee of $5 is charged to your account each Fall and Spring semester. If you should lose or damage the card, the FSUCard Center will replace it for a $15 fee.

Open a Bank Account

To open a bank account in the U.S., bring two forms of ID, your immigration documents and the initial amount you want to deposit.

Some banks require that you have a Social Security Number (SSN) to open an account. If you do not have an SSN, you will not be able to open an account with them. Do not use your FSU-assigned temporary student ID number to open a bank account (this is only for activating your FSUID).

Nearby banks that do not require a SSN include: TruistBank of America, Wells Fargo, and Capital City. All of these banks, except Capital City, have ATMs on FSU’s main campus. Before opening an account, make sure you to learn about and compare monthly, ATM, transfer and other types of fees.