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Our certificate advisors are always happy to speak with you to answer any of your questions, but we have compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions to help you. If you have additional questions after reviewing our website, email globalcitizen@fsu.edu to schedule a time to speak with an advisor.

What year do I have to be to begin the certificate?

You can begin the certificate any year, as long as you have room for 4 classes, a sustained experience, and time to attend intercultural events. Freshmen through the junior year are probably the easiest time to begin the certificate to complete it within the four years of a typical undergraduate program.

Can I use classes I’ve already taken toward the certificate?

No, previously taken classes cannot count toward the certificate. Nor do classes taken at other institutions can count toward the certificate.

Do I have to study abroad to participate?

No, the certificate requires a sustained experience, which can be completed internationally or domestically on campus or in your local community.

Who qualifies for the GCC Scholarship?

Students enrolled in the GCC partaking in an exchange through FSU's Global Exchanges qualify for the scholarship.

I attended an intercultural event in my hometown. Can I use it toward the intercultural event's requirement?

We send the GCC Newsletter every Friday compiling a list of virtual and in-person intercultural events on campus as well in the Tallahassee community. You can attend an intercultural event beyond those listed in the GCC Newsletter but you must get it approved by a certificate advisor before attending such an event. Email globalcitizen@fsu.edu.

I just learned about a community service opportunity, can I use it toward the sustained experience?

You can find a list of pre-approved sustained experiences on the GCC Canvas page. Other opportunities must be approved by a certificate advisor before you start it. Email globalcitizen@fsu.edu.

I travel widely with my family and friends, and often internationally, can I use this experience towards the GCC?

No, unfortunately, all sustained international travel must be intentionally planned with a carefully designed structure and plans to engage with the local cultures for it to be approved as a sustained experience.

Can I tell my undergraduate friends about the certificate?

Yes! We are not a major or minor specific certificate program, all majors and minors are welcome. All undergraduate students are welcome.

I missed the 10-day rule for submitting the reflections, could I please submit it anyway?

No, all reflection papers must be submitted within the 10-day deadline to be counted towards the GCC.

I am currently enrolled in a course this semester that might be an approved elective, can I use this course towards the GCC?

Yes, as long as you enroll in the GCC before the end of the semester and submit your reflection paper within the 10-day deadline, you can count your course towards your course requirements. Make sure your course is on the approved electives list or ask an advisor for more information by emailing globalcitizen@fsu.edu.

Do you offer internships at the GCC?

Yes, semester-long internships are available at the GCC. Keep your eyes on the GCC Canvas announcements for available positions.
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