Advising & Enrollment

Steps to Enroll & Complete the Certificate

  1. You must attend an in-person information session or schedule an online appointment to enroll. Enrollment in the GCC is required:
    1. For the program to show on your transcript.
    2. To be added to the GCC Canvas site where you can submit reflection papers and access the pre-approved events and course lists.
  2. Start working on your certificate requirements. These include 4 courses, 8 pre-approved intercultural events, 1 pre-approved sustained experience, and reflection paper for each requirement.
    1. There is no rule on the order of completing the requirements, but we recommend you start with the required IDS 2431/IDS2460 course.
    2. Most students take two years to complete the GCC.
  3. Consider the GCC with Honors option.
  4. Apply for graduation from the GCC when your requirements are completed. This way we can inform the registrar of your completion and make sure the GCC shows up on your FSU transcript!

Information on Summer and Fall 2023 GCC Advising: