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Engage Your World

Engage Your World: Intercultural Dialogue Series began in September of 2009 as a collaborative effort between the Claude Pepper Center for Intercultural Dialogue and the Center for Global Engagement. It brings together diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff to engage in a conversation about the global challenges we all face today. The broad scope of Engage Your World provides space for everyone to engage in a respectful conversation, where differences in opinion are not only encouraged but necessary for a deep and meaningful dialogue.

Upcoming Engage Your World Dates

Date, Time & Location Event Information
Tuesday, October 16
4:30-6:00 p.m. | Globe Auditorium

Accordion Around the World by Hanshi Wang*
Opening Nights at FSU and the Center for Global Engagement present a performance and lecture by Hanzhi Wang, world-renowned accordionist. This event is open to the public. Join us for a reception with refreshments at 4:30 p.m. The performance will begin at 5 p.m.

Wednesday, November 14
4:30-7:00 p.m. | Globe Auditorium

From the Land of Gandhi: Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion
International Education Week Edition

This story of 4 high-skilled immigrant families, a decade after they came to study in the US, places a human face to the employment-based Green Card backlog. The film also highlights the need for reforming America’s high-skilled immigration at a time of intense globalization and retirement of the baby boomers (48 min). It will be followed by a panel with Terence Coonan, Center for Advancement of Human Rights, Luciana Hornung, Assistant General Counsel, FSU, and Prakash Wadhwa via skype (Director). Reception starting 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 27
4:30-7:00 p.m. | Globe Auditorium
Security from Below: Grassroots, Democracy and Change in West Africa**
This symposium will bring together scholars working on security and development issues across West Africa in agriculture, governance, health, migration, policing, and religion and their interconnections.

*This talk is sponsored by Opening Nights at FSU.

** This talk is sponsored by the College of Social Science and Public Policy’s Ruth K. and Shepard Broad International Lecture Series.

What is Intercultural Dialogue?

Intercultural Dialogue is a dynamic and challenging process of communication that aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds, values, and opinions together so they may engage in a respectful conversation about a variety of global issues.

Why is Intercultural Dialogue important?

Intercultural dialogue is essential to build an open-minded community that understands social, cultural, religious, and political complexities of our world today. Through this dialogue, we hope to provide a platform for fostering creative solutions to global problems.

Student Reflections

"I attended the Engage Your World discussion series for the first time and was completely surprised. It was absolutely nothing like I had imagined. I went with expectations of only scholarly individuals on the panel and discussing global events with each other. I was happy to see students both domestic and international on the panel and discussion was open to everyone in attendance. It was enlightening to see that all opinions mattered and everything was very free flowing. The concern for fellow students was stressed to take up the call as well to make an impact globally and possess the ideal of a global citizen."

Collaborate with us!

We are eager to collaborate with your academic unit or community organization to co-host an event as Engage Your World. To suggest a topic or to get involved, please contact Tanu Kohli at tkohli@fsu.edu or call 850-644-1401.

*These events qualify as one of the Global Citizenship Certificate events.

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