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Engage Your World

The CGE's Engage Your World Speaker Series began in September of 2009 as a collaborative effort between the Claude Pepper Center for Intercultural Dialogue and the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). It brings together diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff to engage in a conversation about the global challenges we all face today. The broad scope of Engage Your World provides space for everyone to participate in a respectful conversation, where differences in opinion are not only encouraged but also necessary for a deep and meaningful dialogue.

Theme for 2021-2022: Education and Gender Equity

EYW events are organized according to a thematic focus. This focus will allow us to bring experts who can discuss different dimensions of a global issue/trend, thereby increasing our breadth and depth of understanding of the topic. CGE will co-sponsor 3 EYW events in the fall semester, and 3-4 EYW events in the spring semester focusing on this academic year’s theme. We try our best to space the events a month apart, though we may have to keep other campus-wide events in mind. In most cases, events are held between Tuesday to Thursday, after 4:30 pm when the parking on campus is free. EYW events are usually not hosted on Friday to avoid a conflict with the International Coffee Hour.

2020-2021 Schedule: Global Health and Social Justice

Date, Time & Location Event Information

Monday, September 28
5-6 p.m. 

Infectious Disease to Global Pandemic: The Evolution & Spread of COVID-19

Dr. Rowan will walk audiences through the evolution of a virus from an infectious disease to a global pandemic, focusing on the contact tracing efforts for COVID-19 at regional and global levels. He will also use past and current pandemics to provide lessons for identifying and intercepting future ones.

View the recording here on YouTube.

Tuesday, October 20
4 p.m. 

Transforming Healthcare Through Community Mobilization in Uganda: The Bulamu Model

Richard Chandler, the Chairman and CEO of Bulamu Healthcare International, a Ugandan NGO that provides medical services to rural communities throughout the country discussed the history and structure of the Bulamu partnership in Uganda. This unique model is based upon Ugandans’ local resources and dedication to community service, and western management techniques.

View the recording here on YouTube.

Tuesday, November 17
5-6 p.m. 

Impact of Administration’s Regulatory Agenda on International Education

On Tuesday, November 17, at 5 p.m. Steve Springer, NAFSA: Association of International Educators Director of Regulatory Practice Liaison, provided a description of key regulatory and policy changes implemented by the Trump administration and their impact on international student programs.

New restrictions, fees, and burdensome agency processes, along with rhetoric from the administration, suggest to many current and prospective international students that they are not welcome here. These new disincentives to study here indicate the U.S. is losing its place as the top destination for international students, and we risk losing the economic, social, and cultural value they bring to our campuses and communities.

View the recording here on YouTube.

Thursday, February 4
8:45–10 a.m.

Media Platforms for Pride & Prejudice: Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations for Journalism and Public Affairs in South Asia and Beyond

 Florida State University will host Dr. Deb Aikat for the keynote address of the College of Communication and Information’s 7th South Asian Media and Cultural Studies Conference. The talk is co-sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy’s Anderson Ashby Lectureship in Public Policy Journalism and the Center for Global Engagement’s Engage Your World Intercultural Dialogue Series.

Aikat’s talk will highlight the effects of media agenda melding, which explains how people mix and meld media messages to create their worldview. In the 21st century digital age, the people of South Asia blend media agendas to reinforce their own positions and close out opposing views. Media platforms have, therefore, elevated and exasperated the power of public affairs and journalism in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora worldwide.

Use bit.ly/SAMCS21 to access the live stream of the talk.

Wednesday, March 17
6:30–8 p.m. EST (USA)
7:30–9 p.m. BSB (Brazil)

The Crisis of Civilization and Conservation of the Amazon

 Florida State University will host Marina Silva — Brazil’s Former Minister of the Environment and three-time presidential candidate.

Silva will discuss the challenges we need to face in order to preserve the Amazon and its indigenous population in the context of the multiple crises that Brazil and the world are currently experiencing. Her reflections are the result of more than 30 years of socio-environmental activism in Brazil.

The talk is co-sponsored by the College of Social Science & Public Policy’s Broad International Lecture Series, The Center for Global Engagement’s Engage Your World Intercultural Dialogue Series, Department of Geography, International Affairs Program, Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics, & Amazônia Latitude.

View the recording here on YouTube.

Collaborating with EYW at the Center for Global Engagement

We are eager to collaborate with your academic unit or community organization to co-host an event as Engage Your World. The topics discussed by the speakers should be of international or intercultural in nature. Therefore, speakers must discuss how their work can help to increase intercultural understanding, empathy, or provide a better understanding, or solutions to global issues.

If you or your colleagues have an idea for an Engage Your World, or if you want to bring a speaker that fits with the vision and scope of Engage Your World Intercultural Dialogue Series, please contact cge-programs@fsu.edu. We typically need to start planning 45-60 days in advance.

Which units/departments has EYW collaborated with in the past?

EYW has a rich history of collaborating with campus partners. Our standing and frequent partnerships include the FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy’s Broad International Lecture Series, the International Affairs Annual Film Series honoring Dr. Robert Dailey, FSU College of Communication and Information, the Center for Advancement of Human Rights, and the Center for Leadership and Social Change. Through these partnerships, we aim to bring accomplished scholars and professionals to Florida State University to increase our global awareness and appreciate cultural differences.

*These events qualify as one of the Global Citizenship Certificate events.

To suggest a topic or to get involved, please contact cge-programs@fsu.edu.

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