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Engage Your World

Engage Your World began in September of 2009 as a collaborative effort between the Claude Pepper Center for Intercultural Dialogue and the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). It brings together diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff to engage in a conversation about the global challenges we all face today. The broad scope of Engage Your World provides space for everyone to participate in a respectful conversation, where differences in opinion are not only encouraged but also necessary for a deep and meaningful dialogue.

Theme for 2019-2020 Academic Year: Immigration and Human Rights

EYW events are organized according to a thematic focus. This focus will allow us to bring experts who can discuss different dimensions of a global issue/trend, thereby increasing our breadth and depth of understanding of the topic. CGE will co-sponsor 3 EYW events in the fall semester, and 3-4 EYW events in the spring semester focusing on this academic year’s theme. We try our best to space the events at a month apart, though we may have to keep other campus-wide events in mind. In most cases, events are held between Monday to Thursday, after 4:30pm when the parking on campus is free. EYW events are usually not hosted on Friday to avoid a conflict with the International Coffee Hour.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Date, Time & Location Event Information

Wednesday, January 22
4:30-6 p.m. | Globe Auditorium

Land Conflict & Fires in Amazônia*

Illegal economic activities threaten indigenous territories and ecosystems in the Amazon. Dr. Marta Azevedo will discuss opportunities for alliances between traditional/indigenous​ groups and Brazilian and international allies to protect the region’s social and biological diversity.

Thursday, Feburary 6
4:30-6 p.m. | Globe Auditorium

Engage Your World (SAMCS Keynote): Rising Voices of the Indian Diaspora: A New South Asian Workforce Enters American Journalism**

Dr. Parameswaran is the keynote speaker for the 6th Annual South Asian Media and Cultural Studies Conference. She will talk about Indian media professionals, a small minority of the population, whose creative and managerial labor contributes significantly to the field of U.S. journalism.

Tuesday, March 10
6:30-10 p.m. | ASLC

Parasite Movie Screening and Discussion***

Parasite won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film at the 2020 Oscars. This cinematic masterpiece created by Bong Joon Ho is a dark comedy about the lives of Kim and Park families. They find themselves in a symbiotic relationship that works for both families
divided by economic class. 


*This talk is co-sponsored by The FSU Center for Demography and Population Health in the College of Social Science and Public Policy and the Center for Global Engagement.

**This talk is co-sponsored by FSU's College of Social Sciences and Public Policy's Broad International Lecture Series and the Center for Global Engagement.

***This talk is co-sponsored by the International Affairs Annual Film Series honoring Dr. Robert Dailey, the Student Life Cinema, and the Center for Global Engagement.

Intercultural dialogue and its importance

Intercultural Dialogue is a dynamic and challenging process of communication that aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds, values, and opinions together so they may engage in a conversation about a variety of global issues. Such dialogue is essential to build an open-minded community that understands social, cultural, religious, and political complexities of our world today, and come with creative solutions for them.

Collaborating with EYW at the Center for Global Engagement

We are eager to collaborate with your academic unit or community organization to co-host an event as Engage Your World. The topics discussed by the speakers should be of international or intercultural in nature. Therefore, speakers must discuss how their work can help to increase intercultural understanding, empathy, or provide a better understanding, or solutions to global issues.

If you or your colleagues have an idea for an Engage Your World, or if you want to bring a speaker that fits with the vision and scope of Engage Your World Intercultural Dialogue Series, please contact Dr. Tanu Kohli (tkohli@fsu.edu). We typically need to start planning 45-60 days in advance.

Which units/departments has EYW collaborated with in the past?

EYW has a rich history of collaborating with campus partners. Our standing and frequent partnerships include the FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy’s Broad International Lecture Series, the International Affairs Annual Film Series honoring Dr. Robert Dailey, FSU College of Communication and Information, the Center for Advancement of Human Rights, and the Center for Leadership and Social Change. Through these partnerships, we aim to bring accomplished scholars and professionals to Florida State University to increase our global awareness and appreciate cultural differences.

*These events qualify as one of the Global Citizenship Certificate events.

To suggest a topic or to get involved, please contact Tanu Kohli at tkohli@fsu.edu or call 850-644-1401.

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