Global Noles

The Global Noles program is designed to support and assist incoming exchange students with their pre-arrival questions and adjustment to life at FSU. Exchange students from our 45 international partner institutions are paired with FSU students who volunteer their time to serve as Global Noles mentors. Many of the Global Noles have studied on a Global Exchange, have an interest in participating in an exchange program in the future, or are just genuinely interested in engaging with students from other cultures. Global Noles mentors communicate with the new exchange students before they arrive to Tallahassee, support the students after arrival, and organize and participate in social events. Mentors ensure exchange students become involved in campus life as quickly as possible to find a sense of community so that they make the most of their experience at FSU.

The CGE’s Global Noles program was started in 2015 by the Program Director of FSU’s Global Exchanges, in collaboration with two students who had recently returned from FSU exchange programs. Upon their return, the students relayed their positive experience of participating in peer mentor programs that were part of their host universities' support system abroad.  The CGE wanted to provide a similar network for our incoming exchange students to foster friendship and provide additional support. The Global Noles program has been growing each year and for the 2022-2023 academic year, we have 18 Global Noles mentors and 45 international exchange students. The goal for the Global Noles program is to have over 40 mentors each semester.

Required Qualifications:

•    Be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
•    Have an interest in international education and intercultural exchange.
•    Have been an FSU student on the main campus for two semesters and be familiar with campus resources and student life.
•    Be outgoing and motivated to connect with new people.
•    Have an interest in supporting incoming exchange students as they acclimate to life at FSU.

Preferred Qualification:

•    Have participated in a Global Exchange or any other international study abroad program or experience.


•    Plan and participate in campus activities and events with mentees.
•    Help mentees meet new people and build networks on campus.
•    Maintain contact with their mentee(s) throughout the year including summer and winter beaks (via email, text message, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)
•    Participate in the Global Noles Program for the entire 2023-2024 academic year, including potential Summer 2023 training, available virtually.


•    Students needing to fulfill their sustained experience requirement for the Global Citizenship Certificate can do that by volunteering as Global Noles.
•    Becoming a mentor is an excellent way to build your leadership skills, become a valuable resource for international exchange students, and create lasting friendships.

How to Apply?

To become a Global Noles mentor, one must apply through the link found below. Afterward, qualified students will be invited to interview with CGE staff. Students will then be notified of the decisions via email. Volunteering in the Global Noles mentor program is a full academic year commitment. Recruitment takes place in the Spring and Summer preceding the Fall of the academic year when volunteering would begin.

Global Nole Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are now closed.