Fulbright Researchers

Fulbright researchers are not admitted to an FSU degree program, but are fully financed by the U.S. State Department to pursue short-term research objectives in the U.S.

FSU does not issue the form DS-2019 for Fulbright Scholars. The scholar should reach out to the Fulbright Commission granting the award to inquire about the issuance of the form DS-2019. The Scholar Advisor at the Center for Global Engagement will serve as the Administrative Official for FSU on the Institutional Reply Form that is typically required by IIE, the agency that typically administers Fulbright researcher awards.

  • Fulbright Commissions in countries around the world offer fully-funded scholarship opportunities for researchers to collaborate with colleagues in the U.S. The scholarships are competitive and are not guaranteed to all applicants.
  • Typical application process:
    • Applicant identifies U.S. faculty working in similar research areas and/or U.S. facilities with relevant resources.
    • Applicant contacts FSU faculty regarding their proposed research activity and requests a preliminary letter of interest in the collaboration.
    • Interested FSU faculty completes visiting scholar procedures for unpaid scholars up to the invitation letter step.
    • If RAMP is approved, the FSU department sends a letter of invitation to the Fulbright applicant, copying the CGE scholar advisor at Jscholar@fsu.edu.
    • Applicant submits their application to the Fulbright Commission in their home country with their detailed research proposal and FSU invitation letter.
    • If the Fulbright Commission decides to grant the scholarship to the individual, they notify the applicant and the Institute for International Education (IIE).
    • IIE confirms the affiliation with FSU through an Institutional Reply Form that the CGE scholar advisor will complete, sign, forward to the hosting faculty for signature, and return to the Institute for International Education, copying the department.
    • Hosting department proceeds with courtesy appointment onboarding in order to ensure that the visitor has the access they will require upon arrival.
    • IIE issues the DS-2019 to the visitor and assists with the visa application process.
    • Fulbright scholar checks in with the hosting department and visits the CGE for a welcome packet that may assist with settling into campus and the community.
    • Fulbright scholar is not required to attend CGE scholar orientation, but they are welcome.
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