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Global Café

Join us for Global Café on the following Fridays: February 24 and March 31, 2023.

Experience cuisine and cultures from around the world at the Center for Global Engagement's featured program – Global Café – held on select Fridays starting at 11:30 am until food runs out. This student-centered program was designed to increase awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity on our campus.

Global Café provides the opportunity to spend a culturally enriching lunch hour eating authentic food, listening to music, and meeting students from the featured culture. It serves as both a cultural experience for the campus community as well as a fundraiser for partnering student organizations. You can enjoy this unique experience in the Globe Dining Room for just $10 per plate. Cash or check only.

Host a Global Café

Planning and implementing a cultural event of this scale provides student groups with opportunities to build and enhance skills in event planning, leadership, marketing, community involvement, and teamwork.

In addition, this event serves as a great fundraiser for the student organization. All international and multicultural student groups are invited to apply to participate in this event for an upcoming semester.

The application to host a Spring 2023 Global Café is closed. The Fall 2023 application will open in April 2023.

For more information, please email cge-programs@fsu.edu.

Past Events

Global Café has featured countries from China to Morocco. We post all the photos from our Global Cafés to our Facebook page. Check them out here.

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