• Intercultural Training

Intercultural Training

The Center for Global Engagement offers FREE training and workshops in Intercultural Communication (ICC) to any student group, center, or department across campus.

This interactive training is custom-designed to meet the diverse needs of each group, including:

  • Preparing groups of students for effective global engagement and successful re-entry
  • Developing, improving and applying intercultural communication skills in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Increasing understanding and awareness among different cultures
  • Enhancing customer service needs when interacting with culturally diverse groups
  • Integrating global learning within a local context

Customized Workshops provided in the past:

  • Bridging Cultures for Service Excellence - Human Resource Training, FSU
  • ESL Students, Cultural Patterns and Writing Styles - English Writing Center, FSU
  • U.S. Classroom and Culture - New International Student Orientation
  • Intercultural Competencies - Athletic Academic Support, FSU
  • Intercultural Communication and Positive Social Change - ACC Conference 2010
  • Developing Global Leadership Skills - Center for Civic Leadership and Education, FSU
  • Appreciating Diversity: Intercultural Competencies and Global Awareness Development, FSU
  • Global Student Activism and Development - American Studies, FSU
  • Cultural Shock and Adjustment of Study Abroad Students - International Programs Alumni FSU

"Thanks to the ICC training, I was confident in engaging cross-culturally with the school I volunteered with in Tanzania. ICC helped me recognize the importance of understanding the local culture by living as the locals do and not expecting the conveniences we take for granted in America."

Lee Gordon, Service Scholar, Alternative Break Corps 
Tanzania, Summer 2010

Workshops to Consider:

  • Exploring Cultural Dimensions: From Individual to Collective
  • Foundations of Intercultural Communication
  • Engaging Global Citizens: Intercultural Competence On Campus
  • Bridging Cultures For Service Excellence
  • Teaching English Abroad: Going Beyond The Language
  • Assessing Intercultural Competence
  • Internationalizing Campus Through Effective Intercultural Programming
  • Cultural Ice-Berg Model: From Culture General to Country Specific
  • Developing Global Leadership Skills
  • Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue Process

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and any other interested groups, departments, and centers at FSU may request workshops by contacting Elcin Haskollar at ehaskollar@fsu.edu.