Intercultural Training

The Center for Global Engagement offers FREE training and workshops in intercultural communication and global competence development to any student group, center, or department across campus.

This interactive training is custom-designed to meet the diverse needs of each group, including:

  • Developing, improving and applying intercultural communication skills in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Increasing understanding and awareness among different cultures
  • Enhancing customer service needs when interacting with culturally diverse groups
  • Integrating global learning within a local context
  • Preparing groups of students for effective global engagement and successful re-entry

Customized Workshops provided in the past:

  • Bridging Cultural Differences: Lawyering in Our Growing Multicultural World, FSU Law School
  • Contextualizing Cultural Identities, Annual Corps de Ballet International Conference held at FSU Dance School
  • Appreciating Student Diversity in the Classroom, FSU PIE Teaching Conference
  • Cross-Cultural Encounters with Intercultural Effectiveness Scale instrument, FSU International Program Directors
  • Managing Intercultural Conflict, FSU Magnetic Laboratory
  • Cross-Cultural Competence: Awareness, Acceptance and Respect, AmeriCorps
  • Intercultural Development of Undergraduate Students, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Intercultural Communication, Thomas University Faculty Retreat

"The Bridging Cultures workshops rank highly among the best trainings I have attended at Florida State. I brought the entire series to our College over the course of an academic year, and the faculty and staff who participated were similarly impressed by the amount of knowledge gained about other cultures, as well as cross-cultural interactions. The facilitator was excellent, which added to the strength of the series."

Catherine J. Miller, Associate Dean for Administration, FSU College of Law

“The intercultural trainings are great ways to learn from and with colleagues across campus. It is wonderful to understand the cultures that many of our students, staff and faculty bring with them to our FSU community. In addition, the facilitator has done a fantastic job tailoring sessions to meet the needs of our MagLab folks. The facilitator spent time learning about what our needs are and that was evident in the success of the trainings at the MagLab as they created an ongoing dialogue where we really began to understand and value each other's cultural backgrounds and the beautiful diversity that creates in how we do things today."

- Roxanne Hughes, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Integrating Research and Learning, FSU National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Request an Intercultural Workshop

Any FSU center, department, unit, faculty or staff member, student group or a registered student organization may request a workshop designed to meet the needs of their unit. Following are examples of three workshops for consideration, which can be adapted to your situation. In the event that you have a unique situation that needs a customized workshop, please explain it in detail in the form below.

  • Workshops usually last 1-2 hours, but can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Please note that we do not provide workshops to individuals and require at least 10 participants.
  • Please note that we require this request form to be submitted 6 weeks prior to the requested date.

Workshops to Consider:

  1. Intercultural Communication and Appreciating Diversity: This workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals of effective intercultural skills and will help participants develop awareness of their own cultural identity and recognize intercultural diversity in practice.
  2. Managing Intercultural Conflict: This workshop will introduce participants to various styles of intercultural conflict styles and management processes. Participants will learn how to assess their cultural management style in order to be more effective when working across cultures and manage cultural issues successfully.
  3. Culturally Competent Educators and Lessons Learned: This workshop will discuss strategies to facilitate students’ beliefs, cultures, and perspectives that may differ from your own, as well as how to construct a syllabus that takes into account different learning and communication styles.

Request an Intercultural Training!

*Non-FSU units can contact to inquire about scheduling a workshop.


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