CGE Student Spotlight: Daniella Horváth

Daniella Horváth
International Alumna from Hungary
Master's Degree in Public Interest Media and Communication, Class of 2020

This September Daniella Horváth, international student alumna from Hungary who formerly worked at CGE as a videographer, secured her first full-time job after graduating from FSU with her master’s degree this summer at Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) under the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM).

RFE/RL is a private non-profit broadcasting company providing news in 27 languages in 23 countries. RFE/RL promotes democratic principles and provides uncensored news and open debate to advance human rights and freedom of expression.

“As a social media editor at RFE/RL, I get to utilize editing, writing, and production skills I acquired at FSU,” Horváth said. “It is an honor to produce video content about a variety of important issues for our Hungarian audience. As RFE/RL operates under the umbrella of USAGM, I am confident my time and experience in the U.S. made me even more fit for the role. It is a very fast-paced and multifaceted environment for which FSU, my courses, my professors, and my peers couldn’t have prepared me better.”

FSU celebrates the value of international education during the month of November each year. When asked about the importance of studying internationally, she felt it was a worthy opportunity for personal development and will impact her interactions with others going forward.

“International education opens endless possibilities. It breaks down barriers, stereotypes, and prejudices. It shows you how wonderful and colorful the world is and that at the same time in our hearts we humans are all the same. And personally, to me it was a way of learning about myself, my relation to my home country, and the way I am able to share some of that with the world,” Horváth said.

When reflecting on cultural exchange between international students and domestic students at FSU, she describes wonderful experiences that she will never forget.

“International students have the ability to bring their stories, experiences, and memories into the life of Americans in a way that not only has an impact on them, but it also sticks with them long term. We are not able to remember everything we encounter and learn in life, but we are unable to forget human stories,” Horváth said.

She desired to attend FSU because she wanted to obtain a degree in communication, a field she had been working in back in Hungary. “What has made my experience at FSU the most meaningful is the relationships I made. All the wonderful people – both from social and academic circles – have taught me wonderful lessons about life in general and about myself. The world through FSU has opened up for me and changed my life in a way that would not have been possible had I stayed in my home country,” Horváth said.

She was as an active student on campus and contributed to many programs. Her achievements have left a great mark on our campus and local Tallahassee community. She served as an intern for CGE’s Global Ambassadors Program, which gives international students and visiting scholars at FSU the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors throughout Tallahassee by presenting to community organizations, K-12 students, and FSU students.

She also worked as a videographer for CGE during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and played an integral role in celebrating student successes. Not only did she produce multiple graduation videos to celebrate international students and undergraduates earning their Global Citizenship Certificate, but she also made several videos spotlighting important events and programs. Some of them include International Coffee Hour, the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC), and the Global Ambassadors Program.

Additionally, Horváth also held a Teaching Assistantship for three semesters and attended the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC) twice.

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