CGE Staff

FSU Center for Global Engagement

We are located in the Global and Multicultural Engagement Building also known as The Globe.

110 S. Woodward Ave.
PO Box 3064216
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4216

Phone: 850-644-1702
Fax: 850-644-9951


Cindy Green Image

Cynthia Green, Ed.D.

Phone: 850-644-3050

Jocelyn Vaughn Image

Jocelyn Vaughn, Ph.D.

Program Director
CGE Special Initiatives
Phone: 850-645-9413


Amado Cruz Image

Amado Cruz

Information Technology
Phone: 850-645-8884

Makisha Howell Image

Makisha Howell

Business Manager
Phone: 850-645-9417



Jesse O'Reilly

Globe Scheduling
Phone: 850-645-9779

Seamus Toner Image

Seamus Toner

Communication Manager
Phone: 850-645-9415


International Student & Scholar Services

Front desk: 850-644-1702

Tanya Schaad Image

E. Tanya Schaad

Associate Director
Phone: 850-644-0977

Scott Bleiwes Image

Scott Bleiweis

Program Manager
New International Student Services
Phone: 850-644-4696

Michelle Lawson Image

Michelle Lawson

SEVIS Data Manager
Phone: N/A

TBD Image

Samantha Buckley

J-1 Program Manager
Phone: 850-645-3179

Betty Jensen Image

Betty Jensen

International Student

  • Continuing F-1 Students with Family Names A–G
  • J-1 Non-degree Seeking Exchange Students
Phone: 850-645-6879

Lacey Moret Image

Lacey Moret

International Student

  • Continuing F-1 Students with Family Names H–O
Phone: 850-645-4070

Jared Tirone Image

Jared Tirone

International Student

  • Continuing F-1 Students with Family Names P–Z
  • J-1 Degree-Seeking Students
Phone: 850-644-0662

Steven Niette Image

Steven Niette

International Student

  • All New/Incoming   F-1 Students
Phone: 850-644-9549

TBD Image

Rachel Garvey

International Student
Phone: 850-645-1424








Certificates & Training

Tanu Kohli Image

Bryant Harden, Ph.D.

Program Director

Global Citizenship Certificate
Phone: 850-644-1901

Global Exchanges

Leigh Ann Bauer Image

Leigh Ann Bauer

Program Director

Global Exchanges
Phone: 850-645-1220

TBD Image

Caitlin Reichert


Global Exchanges
Phone: 850-644-4330

CGE Programs

Front desk: 850-645-2112

Chandler Gadea-Guidicelli Image

Chandler Gadea-Guidicelli

CGE Intercultural
Programs Manager Phone: 850-645-4793


Special Programs

Rob Hughes Image

Robert Hughes, Ph.D.

Program Director

Special Programs
Phone: 850-645-9226


Annie Wilson

Student Services Manager

Special Programs