Permanent Residence

Obtaining permanent residence (or, a "green card") enables a non-resident employee to obtain indefinite and unrestricted authorization to work and live in the United States. FSU non-resident, foreign national employees in permanent positions, will need to obtain permanent residence status in order to continue their employment at FSU beyond the time limits of non-immigrant visas.

FSU can sponsor individuals in contract or grant-funded positions if the intent to hire the individual is indefinite. To establish this, the department must prepare a letter stating there is a commitment to funding the position for at least five years and that the history of funding and expectation of future funding allows you to have a reasonable expectation of funding the position indefinitely.

All petitions filed with the U.S. Department of Labor or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services by Florida State University on behalf of employees are filed through the FSU Office of the General Counsel by Leslie Crosdale, Associate General Counsel, (