• Global Citizenship Certificate Scholarship

Students Win GCC Scholarship to Study Internationally Through FSU's Global Exchanges

Three exemplary students — Maia Hass, Karly Kajy, and Manuela Martinez — have been awarded the Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) scholarship to go on a Global Exchange and study at one of 40+ international partner universities this spring.

Maia Hass is a junior studying marketing and international affairs and Karly Kajy is a senior studying accounting; both will be attending Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea. Manuela Martinez is a junior studying international affairs, and she will be attending the Universidad de Alicante in Alicante, Spain. 

“Participating in an exchange program allows me to seek new challenges and will force me to adapt to a new environment, which will teach me how to handle change in my life,” Martinez said. “Overall, this experience is important to me because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. If I do not go abroad now, I do not know when in life I will have the same opportunity.”

The GCC scholarship is awarded to FSU undergraduate students enrolled in GCC and the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society who would like to use the scholarship funds to participate in one of FSU’s Global Exchange Programs.

For Kajy, who will attend Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, this will be her second Global Exchange. During spring 2018, she went on an exchange with the University of Strasbourg in France.

“After self-reflection from my first Global Exchange in France, I realized more of who I am and how important cultural exchange/awareness is,” Kajy said. “I am an open-minded, curious, and positive student with the desire to explore our world and its people. I want to become more culturally competent so that I can communicate better with people, which is extremely important for a business major in today’s international marketplace.”

Maia Hass expressed her desire to work internationally after graduation and become more globally conscious.

“I am hoping that my time in South Korea will help me find a passion and a knowledge for the Asian market so that I may use this experience as a stepping stone to eventually work in East Asia in the field of marketing,” Hass said.

GCC students interested in applying for this scholarship should visit cge.fsu.edu/gccscholarship for more information and application details.