• Global Citizenship Certificate Rayne Neunie

Global Citizenship Certificate Prepares FSU Students for Today's Global Society

Florida State University’s Global Citizenship Certificate helps undergraduate students maximize the rich cultural learning experiences available to them on campus, in the community, and abroad, preparing them to succeed in a diverse, multicultural world.

Rayne Neunie, a senior majoring in family and child sciences with a concentration in nursing, decided to pursue the certificate to develop the critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to make a positive impact in her local, national, and global community.  

Last summer, Neunie traveled to Kehancha, Kenya, through FSU’s prestigious Global Scholars Program to conduct research on infant and maternal mortality rates. There, Rayne interned with the Kuria Development Community for the Marginalized (KDCM), a local non-governmental organization working in rural areas for vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. She implemented the KDCM’s Mother Care Program to train birth attendants on the proper and safe procedures of child delivery. Rayne is passionate about public health and its role in creating and sustaining a healthy and stable society in developing countries such as Kenya.

"The Global Citizenship Certificate has opened doors for me in ways unimaginable. I have been challenged to think critically about global issues that I originally assumed never concerned me," said Neunie.“The intercultural activities that are encouraged throughout the certificate have illustrated to me that an individual does not need to travel the world to become a global citizen. Instead, the willingness to enter into a new environment that promotes global diversity and awareness is the key."

Not only does the certificate program help students to become more cross-culturally and globally conscious citizens of the world, but students also receive a transcript notation demonstrating to future employers and graduate schools that they are prepared for today’s global society.

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