Global Citizenship Certificate

Bollywood Blockbusters (An Engage Your World Event)

Please join us for an Engage Your World about Bollywood films on Monday, October 30, in The Globe Auditorium from 5-6:30 p.m.

Indian films have carved a niche in the world of cinema in their own way. Known for elaborate musical settings and highly packed emotions, Indian cinema has embraced globalization with the same fervor a worldwide fan base has accepted the stereotypical storyboard and its film stars. This lecture will trace the history of great Indian cinema, and look ahead to its future of entertaining a global audience. 

Global Citizenship Certificate Develops Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Fosters Global-Readiness

The Center for Global Engagement’s Global Citizenship Certificate program, which allows undergraduate students to gain cross-cultural communication skills and competencies and to foster global-readiness, was mentioned as one of the outstanding programs contributing to FSU winning NAFSA’s 2017 Senator Paul Simon Award for Internationalization.

Global Citizenship Certificate Prepares FSU Students for Today's Global Society

Florida State University’s Global Citizenship Certificate helps undergraduate students maximize the rich cultural learning experiences available to them on campus, in the community, and abroad, preparing them to succeed in a diverse, multicultural world.

Rayne Neunie, a senior majoring in family and child sciences with a concentration in nursing, decided to pursue the certificate to develop the critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to make a positive impact in her local, national, and global community.