• GCC Students at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Global Citizenship Certificate Develops Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Fosters Global-Readiness

The Center for Global Engagement’s Global Citizenship Certificate program, which allows undergraduate students to gain cross-cultural communication skills and competencies and to foster global-readiness, was mentioned as one of the outstanding programs contributing to FSU winning NAFSA’s 2017 Senator Paul Simon Award for Internationalization.

“The beauty of the program is that it brings together students who already have an interest in global issues and those who have not been exposed to cultures, languages, and issues outside of their own,” said Elçin Haskollar, Ph.D., Program Director for the Global Citizenship Certificate. “Engaging in meaningful intercultural dialogue and conducting research on world problems are important steps in understanding the world and thriving in today’s global society. The certificate program provides students with intercultural skills and opportunities to increase their global awareness and knowledge. They’re then better equipped to tackle many important challenges such as eradicating poverty, having access to primary education and safe drinking water.”

The certificate program involves taking four classes (two required and two elective academic courses), as well as participation in international and cross-cultural experiences and events on campus. Active learning and reflection, together with cross-cultural interaction and dialogue, help students develop skills and competencies needed to be a global-ready graduate.

The foundational class, Global Perspectives (IFS 2070/2052), introduces students to the basic concepts, theories, functions and behaviors associated with intercultural communication. Students can register for the Fall session of Global Perspectives until April 28; the open session of this Fall class [IFS 2070 0003 (13684)] will be held on Mondays at 2-4:30 p.m. at The Globe, Room 2300.

The capstone course, Global Citizenship, is a research-based course in which students develop a final project based on their intercultural and global experiences. Students then present their research papers in a poster presentation at FSU’s Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The five certificate students pictured above presented their research on the following topics: The Rising Far-Right Party Phenomena in Europe; Rethinking Pacification: The Integration of Favelas in Brazil; The Human Resource Crisis: A Case Study of Tanzania and Kenya; The Untold Stories of Voluntourism; Higher Education in Ethiopia: Misguiding Future Leaders.

For more information about the certificate, visit our website cge.fsu.edu/globalcitizen.

Photo: Five Global Citizenship Certificate students presented at FSU’s 17th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. From left: Brianna Weber; Megan Boettcher; Elçin Haskollar, Ph.D., Program Director for the Global Citizenship Certificate; Rayne Neunie; Abigail Sanders; Kelsey Lewis.