• Global Ambassador Jing Peng gives presentation about China to Kiwanis Club.

Global Ambassadors Program - Culturally Engaging With The Tallahassee Community

The Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) gives international students and visiting scholars at FSU the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors. Global Ambassadors engage in speaking opportunities throughout Tallahassee and present to community organizations, K-12 students, and FSU students. Participants develop their public speaking and presentation skills in English, meet new people, and use the experience on their resumes/CVs.

GAP returned for the 2021-2022 academic year with twenty-two Global Ambassadors representing Bolivia, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Ghana, India, Dubai, Iran, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam. To date, there have been twenty-one presentations completed by these Ambassadors to FSU Classes, the Capital City Kiwanis Club, and K-12 schools.

Jing Peng, a doctoral student in Public Administration, recently presented on Chinese culture, history, and food to the local Capital City Kiwanis Club. When asked about her recent presentation, Peng stated, "It is a great honor and I am happy to contribute my efforts to promote cultural communication. With the rising tension in the U.S.-China relationship and anti-Asian rhetoric, it is necessary to reduce misunderstanding and discrimination. I feel it is meaningful to serves as a bridge for understanding Chinese and Eastern culture."

Samy Simon is a graduate student in Computer Science and has had the unique opportunity to present on both France and Morocco to several FSU classes. "The Global Ambassador Program allowed me to gain leadership experience and made me realize how FSU is a welcoming community, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of its values."

Applications to participate in GAP for the 2022-2023 academic year will be set to open in April. The application will be available here.