CGE Student Spotlight: Johnathan Dorsey

Johnathan "JD" Dorsey
Global Citizenship Certificate & Global Exchange Student
Bachelor's in Political Science

Johnathan “JD” Dorsey, FSU sophomore studying political science and current Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) student, received the spring 2021 Global Citizenship Certificate Scholarship to go on a Global Exchange this fall.

The Global Citizenship Certificate Scholarship was established in 2017, to provide high-achieving GCC students with a scholarship to go on one of FSU’s 45+ Global Exchanges worldwide. Applicants must be accepted into one of FSU’s Global Exchanges before applying for the award.

This fall, Dorsey will be completing his sustained experience by attending Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea.

“Participating in my Exchange Program is important to me because of the purpose I am called to fulfill: civic advocacy and diplomacy,” Dorsey said. “I have observed the significant amount of suffering of the United States due to the once preventable casualties by COVID-19. I have witnessed the deeply rooted racial divide throughout my country caused by the unjust treatment of minorities. I feel we have lost our purpose of citizenship and kindness. In order to grow in my purpose, I must gain knowledge from the greater Tallahassee community and beyond. From the mesh of cultural identities and socioeconomic differences, I will learn how they are effectively combating the virus and assist them in functioning throughout this tumultuous time. With the guidance of the Global Citizenship Certificate, I will be knowledgeable with the unique ideology of genuine civic engagement, while respecting all cultures and nations. I feel this directly relates to my goals by achieving academic merit in the field that I feel is undervalued: global citizenship."

The Global Citizenship Certificate program allows FSU students to expand their knowledge about how to navigate today’s highly globalized society while developing vital intercultural skills. Students take a total of four academic courses (one required course and three electives from a list of 500+ liberal studies courses that enhance understanding of global issues and cultures); attend eight intercultural events; and complete one sustained experience. After much thought, Dorsey decided on studying in Seoul, South Korea.

There were many factors that guided Dorsey’s decision on where to study abroad. “I was mostly intrigued by the primal geopolitical location of the university, being in the capital city of Seoul, South Korea,” Dorsey said. “Seoul is the prime example of a fully functioning Eastern nation utilizing a unicameral, presidential representative democratic republic, effectively guiding its population of well over 10 million people, through the pandemic. I am fascinated by Seoul’s ideology of improved standards for all citizens and their families more than stressing the importance of economic mobility.”

Dorsey strongly believes that his experiences in GCC’s foundational course, Global Perspectives, will be instrumental during his upcoming international travels. “The [class] discussions felt inclusive, conversations felt enriching, and the personal gain from all intentional dialogue has been life-changing,” Dorsey said.

“I gave an intentional effort to interact within the virtual realm of GCC and now feel personally motivated to fully develop into the most knowledgeable, approachable, and intentional global student as I possibly can,” he said.

Undergraduate students interested in learning more about global issues and demonstrating to employers and graduate schools that they're ready to succeed in a diverse and multicultural word should enroll in the Global Citizenship Certificate.

Students take a total of four academic courses: one required course and three electives from a list of 500+ liberal studies courses that enhance understanding of global issues and cultures; attend eight intercultural events; and complete one sustained experience. GCC students earn a transcript notation, and completion of the Global Citizenship Certificate counts toward one of the requirements for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society.

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