New and Current Address and Phone Number Updates

Follow these instructions to update your address in SEVIS. Remember, federal regulations at 8 CFR 214.2(f)(17) require F-1 international students to update any change in address within 10 days. Failure to make this report could be considered a violation of status.

Current Students: Follow the instructions below to update your address in SEVIS using Campus Solutions.

OPT students with currently valid EAD: Update your address, email address, and phone number directly in the SEVP Portal: The CGE does not report address or phone number updates for students in approved post-completion OPT.

NEW and Current students:

  • If you are living in an FSU residence hall on campus, your address is automatically entered and you do not need to make any updates.
  • Everyone else, Login at
  • Click on your name on the right middle section of the screen above your EMPLID.
  • Click on Addresses.
  • If you have a SEVIS address entered, edit it and save. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Add SEVIS Address.
  • You may be asked to complete Duo authentication. We recommend using the Duo app. If you are having problems with Duo, click here.
  • In the Addresses section, ensure that the “Home” Address is your address in your home country. The “SEVIS” address is the U.S. address where you sleep at night. Do not use your academic department address, a friend’s or relative’s address, or a PO Box. Be sure to save your changes.
  • In the Phone section, ensure that you have a U.S. phone number entered as “Mobile”. If there is no phone number, a non-U.S. phone number, or it is labeled as something other than Mobile, please click on edit to correct it. Please also add your preferred mobile phone number for FSU Alerts, so that you can receive alerts to notify you when it is unsafe to come to campus or to leave your building on campus.

You MUST enter your address in a specific format in order for the SEVIS database to accept it. If you are unsure of your exact street address or zip code, check at

Address Line 1: Street number (no commas or hyphens) Street name with proper abbreviation (St, Dr, Ave, Cir, Rd, Ln) Apt or Unit (Write the word this way) and the Apt/Unit number

Address Line 2: Use this only if you are living in a hotel or if your apartment has different letters or numbers for each bedroom in the apartment. Then, enter Room and the room number. This line does not validate in the government’s system and is for information purposes only.


Here is an example of the correct format:

1234 Test Ave Apt 432

Addresses not entered according to the above format may not be accepted by the SEVIS and could cause delays in your required address and phone number reporting. Federal regulations require that all address, phone number, and email address changes be reported within 10 days of the change, and then our office is required to send that updated information in your government immigration record within the next 21 days after your report. The information you enter into your student account is automatically fed into our data management program overnight, and then we send the same information to SEVIS within 3-5 days

If you have a pending application with USCIS and used your residential address for your mailing address, be sure to ALSO update your address with USCIS - Your SEVIS information does not automatically transmit to the USCIS system.

If you have technical problems logging into or using DUO contact the FSU Help Desk.

My FSU Address & Contact Update

  1. Go to and login with your FSUID and password:
  2. Once logged in, click on your name on the middle right side of the screen:
  3. Click on Addresses:
  4. If you have a SEVIS address entered, edit it and save. Otherwise,  scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Add SEVIS Address: 
  5. You may be asked to verify with Duo. Click here for Duo information
  6. Under the Address section in your profile, click edit and update the SEVIS Address using the following format:

    1234 Street name Apt 1234
    Orlando FL 32821

    Then click save.

  7. If you do not have a US Phone Number Please SKIP 7 and 8
  8. Click on Contact Details to update your phone number with either your current U.S. cell phone number.
  9. Click Save
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