Yeimy Roberto: 2024 Global Citizen Award Recipient

Yeimy Roberto has been named a 2024 recipient of the Center for Global Engagement’s Global Citizen Award, which honors outstanding students who have actively engaged in intercultural initiatives on campus or abroad and who have exemplified leadership in promoting and supporting a global community among Florida State University students.  

Yeimy is currently a Ph.D. Candidate from Colombia, majoring in Hispanic Linguistics. Throughout her time in Tallahassee, she has been a part of many organizations, serving as the president of the Hispanic Graduate Student Association, a volunteer with Good News Outreach, and the treasurer for both Sigma Delta Pi and the Spanish Honors Society. Yeimy also told us about the other awards she has acquired during her time at FSU alongside the Global Citizen Award: “I am proud to have been awarded the Sigma Delta Pi Summer Research Grant (2023), the Winthrop King Summer Research Grant (2023), the Outstanding Alumni Universidad Industrial de Santander (2023), and the Kerr Fellowship in Leadership (2021).”  

After spending the past five years in Tallahassee, Yeimy has grown to love and appreciate her experiences here at FSU. “The best part of my FSU experience has been the sense of community and belonging. From day one, I’ve been surrounded by supportive classmates, the dedicated faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond to ensure my success” ... “Additionally, the extracurricular opportunities available at FSU have allowed me to explore my interests, develop new skills, and make lifelong friendships. Overall, the sense of camaraderie and mutual support within the FSU community has made my experience truly memorable and fulfilling,” said Yeimy. Not only has she flourished academically, but in many other aspects of her life, as well. She goes on to say “I have become more confident, social, and adaptable, navigating the challenges of studying abroad with determination and compassion. I have also developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity, fostering empathy, and understanding in my interactions with others.”  

Yeimy was originally inspired to attend FSU because of the aligned academic interests but found a deeper appreciation for all the opportunities this campus offers, especially for international students. “What truly inspired me to study here was its renowned faculty, robust research opportunities, and a strong sense of community that resonated with me and ultimately solidified my decision to pursue my studies here. I knew that studying at FSU would not only provide me with a top-notch education but also offer endless opportunities for personal and intellectual growth,” said Yeimy. With traveling to a new country presenting challenges, Yeimy found comfort and a sense of belonging here at FSU: “Adapting to a new academic environment, cultural norms, and social dynamics required open-mindedness and support from professors and peers. I decided to immerse myself in cultural activities, joining student organizations, and building a support network to overcome language barriers and homesickness,” ... “Despite these challenges, the experience has been invaluable, broadening my horizons, expanding my worldview, and enriching my personal and professional growth. By embracing new experiences, diversity, and resilience I have developed a deeper appreciation for cultural differences and cultivated lifelong skills beneficial for my academic and professional journey.”  

Overall, she has found this journey to be beneficial to who she is as a student, researcher, and personal, as she feels well prepared for her future career endeavors. Yeimy credits FSU with how much she has grown: “As I prepare for a faculty position after graduation, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career in education, where I aspire to provide the support I have received from my professors and inspire others to pursue their best. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills garnered at FSU to make a positive impact on my future students and colleges,” ... “Overall, my time at FSU has instilled in me a sense of determination, confidence, and dedication to excellence as I embark on the next phase of my career journey.” When asked about advice she would share with new incoming international students, Yeimy said to, “embrace the experience, get involved in campus life, seek support when needed, manage time effectively, stay connected with loved ones, explore the local culture, and maintain an open mind. Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal growth and cultural exchange, so make the most of every moment.”