• 2017 3MT Preliminary Round

International Students Competing in 3MT Develop Key Competencies, Strengthen Career Portfolio

Last week, 14 international students presented their research in the preliminary round of Florida State University’s 2017 Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) competition. This competition provides FSU’s graduate students with the opportunity to hone their communication and presentation skills by explaining their academic research clearly to a non-specialist audience.

Dr. Judy Devine, senior associate dean of The Graduate School, shared that in addition to gaining these transferable skills, students can use a video of their preliminary round presentation created by FSU’s GEOSET Studios for their CV. Note that all students and scholars may use the studio, located in Dirac, to record research presentations for practice, for their friends and family, or for prospective employers.

We congratulate all of the international student participants and recognize the five international students selected to move on to the Finalist Competition. We encourage everyone to attend the Finalist Competition on November 29, 2017, at 6 p.m. at the College of Medicine, Durell Peaden Auditorium. Students who plan to participate in 3MT next year should consider attending to learn what is necessary to make it to the finals.

One 3MT Finalist, MohammadReza Seyedi, civil engineering doctoral candidate from Iran, presented his research titled Rollover Safety Analysis Considering Road-Human-Vehicle Interaction. “I entered this competition to perfect how I share my thesis after graduation,” Seyedi said. “When you have a simple, concise explanation for your research it helps a lot.”

Another student, Juyeon Song, art education doctoral candidate from South Korea, presented her thesis about Financial Management in Nonprofit Cultural Organizations. “I really wanted to use this opportunity to improve my public speaking skills for various audiences,” Song said.

International students and their 3MT presentations included:

  • Abdullah Alghamdi, Measurement/Statistics, “Do We Really Have Accurate Assessment Tools in Educational and Psychological Systems”
  • Yue Chen, Computer Science, “Adaptive Android Kernal Live Patching”*
  • Kumaresh Dhara, Statistics, “Predicting Adolescence Depression”
  • Muhammad Haider, Mathematics Education, “Assessment of Student-Centered Teaching in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses”
  • Zahra Hayati, Physics, “Interaction of HIV-GP41 with the Viral Membrane Studied by EPR Spectroscopy”*
  • Lidong He, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Precision Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Cancer by Antibody Sequencing”*
  • Seyma Intepe, Special Education, “Is Teaching Emotional Vocabulary an Effective Way to Increase Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)”
  • Dorsa Komijani, Physics, “One Step Closer to Quantum Computing”
  • Chorong Oh, Communication Disorders, “Changes in the Way You Walk as an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s”
  • MohammadReza Seyedi, Civil Engineering, “Rollover Safety Analysis Considering Road-Human-Vehicle Interaction”*
  • Asif Shaikh, Information, “Shadow IT, Insider Threat, and the Opportunity Dimension; a Trio for Potential ID Theft”
  • Xin Shan, Industrial Engineering, “A Fully Printable and Highly Flexible LED Technology”*
  • Juyeon Song, Art Education, “Financial Management in Nonprofit Cultural Organizations”
  • Ye Wang, Sport Psychology, “Optimizing Team Performance in Sports: A Perspective on Group Dynamics”

*Students selected to present their research at the Finalist Competition.

All 3MT Finalists receive $100 and are eligible for one of the three awards: 1st Place ($1,000), 2nd Place ($750), and the People’s Choice Award ($500), which is selected by the audience.


Photo: MohammadReza Seyedi, 3MT finalist, presenting his research in the preliminary round