• Global Exchanges Bon Voyage Social

Global Exchanges Students Prepare for Educational Adventure

Enthusiasm for FSU’s Global Exchanges is spreading with 31 students studying at 15 universities in 10 countries in the spring semester. The outbound FSU students for spring semester met with the inbound exchange students at FSU for fall semester at the Global Exchanges Bon Voyage Social on December 1 to talk about studying in a new culture and how to make the most of the experience.

Students with a wide range of majors study internationally through FSU's Global Exchanges at over 40 partner institutions around the world. Some of the majors of the outgoing group for spring include interdisciplinary social science, management information systems, marketing, international affairs, and biology.

Karly Kajy, FSU junior studying accounting, is heading to the University of Strasbourg in France. “I chose a Global Exchange because I want to truly become a global citizen and develop an understanding of other cultures,” Kajy said. “I’m in the Global Citizenship Certificate as well as the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society. I chose Strasbourg because it’s in the center of Europe, which will allow me to travel and explore many different countries and cultures.”

Axel Duclovel is an exchange student from the University of Strasbourg in France who is studying management at FSU for the academic year. He met with the FSU students headed for Strasbourg and shared insights about his university and living in France at the social.

“This exchange experience is teaching me to work outside of my comfort zone and communicate with people from different cultures,” Duclovel said. “These are important lessons for my future career.”

Applications for participating in next fall/academic year and summer Global Exchanges are due March 1. Interested students can attend information sessions during the spring semester on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 2 p.m. in The Globe (GME Building) room 2300.

A Global Exchange fulfills the sustained experience requirement for the Global Citizenship Certificate and fulfills the international engagement area requirement of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society

Returning students can also find intercultural service and leadership opportunities with the Global Noles, a mentoring program for incoming exchange students; the Going Global Showcase held during International Education Week annually; and the Florida International Leadership Conference.

Students interested in reading more about FSU’s Global Exchange options can visit global.fsu.edu/exchanges.


Photo: Axel Duclovel, a student from the University of Strasbourg in France, socializes with FSU students who will study at his home university during the Global Exchanges Bon Voyage Social on December 1.