• Spring 2017 GAP

Global Ambassadors Bring Cultural Awareness to Tallahassee Community

International students who participated in the Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) this semester were recognized for their service to the Tallahassee community in a reception at the Center for Global Engagement.

GAP gives international students, faculty, and scholars the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors of their countries by engaging in speaking opportunities throughout Tallahassee at community organizations, K-12 schools, and FSU classes.

Over the 2016-2017 academic year, the CGE provided training to 23 international students seeking opportunities to present about their home country and/or culture through GAP, which offered 43 presentations on countries such as Brazil, India, Panama, Iraq, Egypt, China, Germany, South Korea, Nigeria and more. These presentations were given to 13 different school groups and community organizations in the Tallahassee community, from elementary schools to Kiwanis clubs to rehabilitation centers. 

“GAP has been one of the most supportive and exciting additions to our International Protocol course offered through the Dedman School of Hospitality,” said Dr. Kim Harris, FSU Professor in Hospitality Management. “We have enjoyed the presentations on international opportunities, students visiting our class representing their home countries, and the engagement offered through the many activities that the Center for Global Engagement sponsors. What a gem on FSU's Campus!”

Not only does GAP benefit the Tallahassee community and students taking FSU classes, but it also benefits international students by helping them to become more familiar with American culture, practice English speaking and presentation skills, and meet new people.

“Through my experience with GAP I got to present at a lot of schools and community organizations,” said Ramy Noseir, international student from Egypt. “GAP helped me improve my presentation skills and use different techniques depending on the audience. I loved going to the schools and teaching the kids about my country. The questions were always fun because sometimes they ask questions that I had never thought of before. Sometimes you even get to learn more about your country through their questions or while you are preparing the presentation. It was an amazing experience being a Global Ambassador, and I would recommend everyone give it a try. I guarantee you will never stop being a Global Ambassador.”

Learn more about our program here: cge.fsu.edu/gap.

Photo from Left: Isabella Schmid, Germany; Bhawish, Pakistan; Nathalia Cetertick, Brazil; Ana Belen Croston, Panama; Katherina Costarangos, Panama; Ramy Noseir, Egypt; Parth Vakil, Kenya.