• FILC 2018

FSU Students Develop Critical Skills at 2018 Florida International Leadership Conference

Thirteen international and domestic FSU students selected to attend the 12th Annual Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC) at Camp Winona from Feb 2–4, 2018, strengthened their leadership and communication skills.

The conference provided leadership-learning opportunities to 129 students from 14 colleges and universities in Florida through team building exercises and sessions on a variety of topics ranging from global leadership and intercultural communication to campus activism.

“It was a unique, absolutely splendid experience for me,” said Haseeb, FSU’s Global UGRAD from Pakistan. “I have never had such an experience in my life. I saw so much diversity there. The sessions that were organized were insightful and entertaining alike. To put in a nutshell, it was fantastic.”

Several FSU participants competed in an Elevator Pitch Contest. FSU student Adriana Avila from El Salvador won the competition. Another Elevator Pitch finalist, Chenxing Hu, communication and media student in FSU’s Special Academic Program from China, said that participating was a great experience.

“I have an amazing FILC family now, and the cross-cultural leadership skills I learned during the interesting activities are transferable and useful,” Hu said. 

Ramy Nosier, a senior from Egypt studying psychology and business, is a 2017 participant who was selected by the statewide FILC organizing committee to return to FILC as a Peer Leader. In his role, he helped organize events and facilitated a closing session for students.

“Just being at the conference is enriching,” Nosier said. “You get the opportunity to network with people from around the world and have eye-opening conversations, which you wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s a very inspirational experience.”

Participants also enjoyed social activities such as a campfire, a Coffee House, and a Saturday evening dance.

With CGE and the Division of Student Affairs' support, FSU students have participated every year since the first conference in 2007.

If you are interested in participating in FILC next year, please visit cge.fsu.edu/filc and check back for updates in the fall.


Photo from left back row: Nathan Duddles, Darby Payne, Samantha Jones, Stewart Gideon, Ramy Nosier, Fardeen Ahmed, Oriana Basanez, Roya Naderi, Kevin Galutera; front row: Oumayma, Karina Amalbert, Adriana Avila, Haseeb, Chenxing Hu, Sabrina Mato.