Expand Your Horizons with FSU's Global Citizenship Certificate

Develop intercultural competencies and increase global awareness by enrolling in the 12-credit Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) for undergraduate students. GCC is designed to foster global-readiness and demonstrates to future employers that you are prepared to work in a globalized workforce.

Enrolled students take Global Perspectives, the certificate's foundational course to explore global issues and develop intercultural communication skills; choose three elective courses from a list of 500+ approved liberal studies courses with a cross-cultural or global theme (one of which can be a language course); attend eight intercultural events; and complete one sustained intercultural experience domestically or abroad.

Alexia Bejarano, FSU senior studying international affairs, is GCC's new social media intern this fall and has been guiding new students with a new IGTV Video Series highlighting important parts of the program and opportunities for getting involved virtually during this period of social distancing. Bejarano brings a unique perspective as an international student who transferred to FSU's main campus from FSU's Republic of Panama campus; she is currently taking classes with FSU's main campus but has returned back to Panama to be with her family. In the photo above, she is pictured standing next to the famous Panama sign in the emblematic Cinta Costera located in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

"I enrolled in the certificate because I'm very passionate about the world and the complexities of cultures," Bejarano said. "Since I entered the certificate, I have learned to appreciate multiculturalism and intercultural communications a lot more. This semester, I'm excited to host GCC's Fall IGTV Video Series featuring the best things about this program. Follow our Instagram @fsugcc and tune each Monday for fun and interactive videos!"

Newly enrolled student Johnathan Dorsey, FSU sophomore studying political science, discovered the Global Citizenship Certificate program while attending a summer workshop hosted by the Center for Global Engagement and International Affairs.

“I acted upon pursuing GCC because of the positive reviews from previous alumni and by finally discovering the way to engage in my efforts of global enrichment and sustainability,” Dorsey said.

Visit cge.fsu.edu/globalcitizen for more information, and email globalcitizen@fsu.edu with any questions.