• Students meet in The Globe La

English Conversation Club Serves International Community

International students, scholars, and family members benefit from CGE's English Conversation Club held every Monday-Friday from 4-5 p.m. in The Globe Lounge when classes are in session at Florida State University.

CGE invites all levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers to meet and practice conversational English in a relaxed atmosphere. These sessions are led by experienced English speakers.

"I think that ECC is a great resource for international students who want to practice their English in a friendly environment," said Tommaso Bruno, international student from Italy pursuing a Ph.D. in music. "Thanks to the amazing tutors that dedicate their time to this activity, I have the chance to improve my spoken English while at the same time learning new vocabulary that is specific to the other participants' field of study or interests."

English Conversation Club is free for FSU students, scholars, and their family members.

"ECC is the best place for me to have an English conversation," said Takuo Ichihara, international student from Japan pursuing a master's degree in statistics. "I'm not confident in English, so I'm grateful for ECC, where participants slowly repeat what I didn't understand."

For more information, visit cge.fsu.edu/ecc.