CGE Student Spotlight: Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin
Global Exchanges Student
Bachelor's in Psychology, Class of 2020

Jeanne Martin, Global Exchanges student, completed her Global Exchange at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England in spring 2018.

Looking back on her exchange, Martin said, “The FSU Global Exchange program changed my life. I love to travel, but before the program, most of my interactions with different cultures were surface level. The exchange program allowed me to dive into English culture and experience firsthand what life is like across the pond.”  

She was able to challenge her capabilities as a person in a completely new world and grow as a person stating, “I was able to explore what it is like to truly not know anyone and find my own footing in a foreign land. I continue to try to take what I learned about myself abroad and be true to that now that I am back home.”

Alongside gaining a deeper understanding of herself as a person, Martin was also able to expand her network. “My time at the University of Sussex introduced me to lifelong friends from around the world! I now have friends from England, Australia, Spain, Arkansas, and Massachusetts!”

Jeanne Martin at the United Nations

During her trip, she was able to visit many English and European landsites. She visited Stonehenge and Brighton Beach in England, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Catedral Primada Santa Maria de Toledo in Spain, and several landsites in Austria including the United Nations in Vienna.

Global Exchanges is an exciting and culturally immersive opportunity for FSU undergraduates to live, learn, and explore another culture as an exchange student at a partner university. Students who participate in the program can pay FSU tuition, take classes toward their major earning FSU credit, and use their financial aid. Choose from 45+ partner universities worldwide and stay abroad for 1-2 semesters at a time.

Jeanne Martin with new friends

“I would go on another exchange in a heartbeat and will always be grateful for my experience at the University of Sussex,” Martin said. 

FSU’s Global Exchange program can help you gain international experience and connections that will advance your future career and worldview. Applications are now open for the spring 2022 semester; the deadline to apply is October 1.

FSU students who are interested in enrolling in a Global Exchange program can visit to learn more or email to request an advising session.

If you've been on a Global Exchange and would like to share your experience with the FSU community, fill out this 20-minute questionnaire and prepare to upload photos from your exchange.