CGE Student Spotlight: Hajrah Hammad

Hajrah Hammad
International Student from Pakistan
Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication

Hajrah Hammad, a Fulbright grantee from Pakistan pursuing a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, has been inducted into the Fellows Society, a prestigious society that brings scholars and researchers across FSU together for learning and discussion.

“One of the most meaningful parts of my time at FSU has been meeting people from all around the world and having the ability to share my culture with others,” Hammad said.” I’ve made many friends from Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Europe who showed me that people everywhere are more similar than they are different.”

Hammad chose to attend FSU because the Integrated Marketing Communications program matched her career objectives and the faculty members in the School of Communication are well renowned.

“I’ve been extremely inspired by Dr. Sindy Chapa, a multicultural marketing expert at the School of Communication. She is a powerhouse professor who serves as the director of The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication and manages many external research projects for high-profile companies,” Hammad said. “Not only was she an excellent guide for my capstone project, but she was also extremely caring towards her students as well.”

As a graduate student, Hammad spends time researching topics related to communications. “Within the field of marketing my area of research is persuasive communication, which addresses the audience's needs, values and desires,” Hammad said. “My current research is on moral conformity among Gen Z and Millennials in Pakistan as I explore a framework for social concept business ventures in the country.”

During her time at FSU, she has written two research papers: “Factors that influence Gen Z and Y to purchase vintage over brands in the US” and “A Content Analysis on “The Representation of women’s occupations in Television.” Hammad has also created an entire advocacy campaign during her time here. “The advocacy campaign was a marketing campaign for a social entrepreneurship venture that seeks to uplift Pakistan’s trans community through employment in the restaurant industry,” Hammad said.

“The best part of my experience has been learning more than just what I’m taught in the classroom. I’ve had the honor of attending dinners hosted by President John Thrasher, being a part of forums that have invited scholars to share their research, and participated in initiatives led by the Center of Global Engagement that allowed me to represent my country on a bigger platform.”

After graduations Hammad plans to return to Pakistan and work in corporate or development firms where she can use the knowledge she has obtained at FSU. “FSU has equipped me with skills such as project management, multicultural marketing and in-depth market research that make a strong base for a career in management,” Hammad said.

Hammad advises incoming international students to have an open mind and engage with different people as much as they can. “Conversations are often even more enriching than books,” Hammad said.

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