CGE Student Spotlight: Chanelle Dupuis

Chanelle Dupuis
Global Citizenship Certificate Student
Bachelor’s Degree in French and Spanish

Chanelle Dupuis is a senior that has been very active within the Global Citizenship Certificate throughout her undergraduate career.

Through the Global Perspectives, the certificate's foundational course, she learned how to become a global citizen by being exposed to new ways of thinking, which helped her with other classes and her research.

To complete the certificate’s intercultural events component, Chanelle participated in Tango Club and belly-dancing classes! “The intercultural events serve as out-of-the-classroom experiences that make classroom topics applicable and helped me discover just how diverse FSU is”, she states.

She fulfilled her sustained experience by going to Dresden, Germany, with the Center for Global Engagement’s Beyond Borders program.

“The academic courses and intercultural events helped me understand how to explore another culture, how to communicate with people who come from a different background, and how to reflect upon my experiences. My courses and the events I attended made me more aware of my actions and thoughts," Dupuis said. "This helped me when I went to Germany because I was better able to understand cultural differences and how to respond to these differences. Most importantly, the Global Citizenship Certificate helped me learn to reflect upon my experiences. I kept a journal during my travels to Germany and was able to mark down the cultural differences that I perceived”

Beyond Borders is a short-term cultural exchange that offers programs in Jamaica and Germany. To learn more, visit!

Undergraduate students interested in learning more about global issues and demonstrating to employers and graduate schools that they're ready to succeed in a diverse and multicultural world should enroll in the Global Citizenship Certificate.

Students take a total of four academic courses: one required course and three electives from a list of 500+ liberal studies courses that enhance understanding of global issues and cultures; attend eight intercultural events; and complete one sustained experience. GCC students earn a transcript notation, and completion of the Global Citizenship Certificate counts toward one of the requirements for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society.

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