• Global Cafe Fall 2017 Dates

CGE Announces Fall 2017 Global Café Dates


The Global Café scheduled for Friday, September 29, 2017, has been canceled.

We welcome you to join our next Global Café: Puerto Rico on Friday, October 6, hosted by the Puerto Rican Student Association. This event will support Puerto Rico’s hurricane relief.

FSU’s Center for Global Engagement will co-host four Global Cafés in fall on select Fridays from 11:30 a.m. until food runs out in The Globe Dining Room.

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the Tallahassee community enjoy authentic international cuisine and music at this student-led fundraiser for just $7 per plate (cash or check only). Fall semester Global Café dates and co-hosts include the following.

  • September 29, Myanmar, InternatioNole 
  • October 6, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican Student Association
  • October 20, South Korea, Korean American Student Association
  • November 3, Caribbean Islands, Caribbean Student Association

This student-centered program increases awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity on our campus. InternatioNole will host the first Global Café of the semester featuring Myanmar.

“We hope to connect students to a culture we don’t interact with often,” said Ignacio Diaz, 2017-2018 president of InternatioNole. “Myanmar is rich in culture. They are a complex and diverse society, which we hope attendees can appreciate in part through their delicious food.”

InternatioNole’s mission is to create connections and friendships between international and domestic students in a positive environment. To find out more and get involved, search for “InternatioNole” on Facebook.  

This event counts as an intercultural event for the Global Citizenship Certificate