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Center for Global Engagement Recognizes 2021-2022 Global Ambassadors

Twenty-two Global Ambassador Program (GAP) volunteers from 18 countries around the world were acknowledged by the Center for Global Engagement in a program reception on April 15.

The Global Ambassadors Program gives international students and visiting scholars at FSU the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors by presenting about their home countries and cultures to community organizations, K-12 students, and FSU classes.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, Global Ambassadors conducted a total of 33 presentations in schools and civic organizations about their home countries, promoted global understanding and awareness through conversation and cultural activities, and received a Global Ambassador certificate.

“The Global Ambassador Program is a wonderful opportunity for international students and scholars to share their stories and cultures,” said Michelle Lawson, CGE Programs Coordinator. “The FSU and Tallahassee communities gain a chance to learn more about the world while being in the classroom and meeting room. I had the chance to sit in on several presentations this year and learned so much. The participants in the program are excellent cultural ambassadors and I am hoping we can get even more opportunities for them to be highlighted in the upcoming year.”

Global Ambassadors develop their public speaking and presentation skills in English, expand their networks, and use their leadership experience in the program to build their resumes/CVs.

Samy Simon, an ambassador from France/Morocco, said, “I have gained much more confidence from giving presentations and sharing my origins. I have learned more about myself and my origins and how I can share my experiences with others.” He also claims that the program helped him discover a sense of community and generosity at FSU.

In addition to increasing confidence in public speaking, GAP makes a direct impact on the lives of so many people within the FSU and Tallahassee communities. “I’m grateful that this program allowed me to channel my passion for supporting others to expand their knowledge and enabled me to contribute to creating more culturally literate and understanding future leaders," said Hanya Noussier, Global Ambassador from Egypt.

The GAP program enhances the educational experiences of our students. Jieya Yang, an ambassador from China claims that “GAP really makes my doctoral study life interesting. And all CGE faculties are very friendly and kind to help us present in front of uncertainty.”

If you are an international student who currently attends FSU, and is interested in the GAP program, please apply here.

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