• Casey Johnson

Beyond Borders Participation Gives Applicants Competitive Edge

Beyond Borders Alumnus Casey Johnson, currently pursuing his master’s degree in radiation biology at the University of Oxford, claims his experience with the program helped him to develop a global mindset and was a major talking point in his interview for graduate school.

Beyond Borders is a unique, short-term cultural exchange program that provides FSU students with the opportunity to host incoming international students at FSU then travel abroad to either Jamaica or Germany and participate in activities and events that allow them to develop a deeper understanding of that country and its people. Johnson went to both Jamaica and Germany through Beyond Borders as an undergraduate.

“Having that experience made me a more relatable and attractive candidate to graduate schools,” said Johnson. “My Beyond Borders experiences ended up being a huge talking point in my interview for graduate study at the University of Oxford. I would really push anyone to do it who has their heart set on intercultural dialogue and exchange. Furthermore, Oxford is a global university with people from many different cultures. My Beyond Borders experience helped me not to feel out of place when I got there.”

In addition to hosting students and going abroad, Beyond Borders participants register for and complete a one-credit hour course (INR3931) during spring semester. This course teaches students concepts and theories to strengthen their global awareness and cultural adjustment skills, as well as their ability to interpret cultural identities and to navigate through re-entry challenges. 

Search for the hashtag #fsubeyondborders on Instagram to see photos taken by past participants.

Application deadlines are September 17, 2017, for Beyond Borders Jamaica and October 22, 2017, for Beyond Borders Germany. Students can attend information sessions on September 8 and September 15 at 11 a.m. or October 6 and October 20 at 2 p.m. in The Globe, Room 2300. For more information or to complete an application, visit cge.fsu.edu/beyondborders.