• Go on a Global Exchange: Maia Hass in South Korea

Apply to Go on a Global Exchange This Spring: Oct. 1 Deadline

FSU students can apply to study internationally through FSU's Global Exchanges with 45+ international partner universities in more than 20 different countries while paying FSU tuition and fees and using their financial aid. Applications to go on a Global Exchange this spring are due October 1 (for most programs).

Information sessions are held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. and every Thursday at 12 p.m. in The Globe (GME Building) room 2600. Students who are interested in going on an exchange this summer or next year may attend an information session this semester to get a head start on the application process.

Maia Hass, FSU senior studying marketing and international affairs, went on an exchange to Hanyang University in South Korea last spring. During her exchange, she made friends with a group of students from Spain, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, and Slovakia, which gave her a variety of different perspectives on the topics of international politics and culture.

“Being put outside of my comfort zone with a handful of others in the same position allowed me to bond with people like never before,” Hass said. "I felt more comfortable being authentic and true to myself, because no one there knew me or could judge me based on who I am in my home country. It allowed me to feel comfortable dramatically changing my fashion/style, my attitude, my lifestyle, and my outlook on things."

Opportunities for Maximizing Your Global Exchange

Returning FSU students can apply to be a part of Global Noles, a mentoring program for incoming exchange students at FSU, in spring. Global Noles is just one of the many opportunities for returning students to continue engaging with people from different cultures while on FSU's campus. Students can also apply to attend the Florida International Leadership Conference, and they can share their exchange experience in the Going Global Showcase held during International Education Month annually.

Students with a wide range of majors study internationally through Global Exchanges, and many of them are upperclassmen who earn credit toward their major coursework. Because Global Exchange participants are enrolled at FSU during the experience, this enables them to meet FSU’s residency requirement for the last 30 hours of their degree programs. For the fall and academic year, 25 FSU students are studying at 17 universities in 10 countries. The majority of Global Exchange students go out in spring.

A Global Exchange also fulfills the sustained experience requirement for the Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) and fulfills the international engagement area requirement of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society (GGSS). Additionally, students enrolled in both GCC and GGSS who want to go on an exchange are eligible to apply for a special scholarship.

Interested in reading more about FSU’s Global Exchange options? Visit global.fsu.edu/exchanges.