Step 9: Check-In at CGE

When you first arrive at FSU, you must come to the Center for Global Engagement to complete New International Student Check-In

Because of the number of new students arriving in the fall semester, we ask that you check in on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday, between 9AM and 1PM. During these times, we will have current student volunteers to help with the process.

Bring ALL of the following documents with you so that we can scan and save them for our records:

  • A completed Check-In Form
  • Your I-20 (and I-20s for any F-2 dependents)
  • Your current passport and F-1 visa (and passports and F-2 visas for any dependents)
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. Print your I-94 from:, unless you arrived by land and have the small white I-94 card given to you by Customs & Border Protection (CBP)

Note: If you move to a new address at any time while you are in F-1 status at FSU, please complete the online Address Change Form within 10 days of moving.