• International Coffee Hour
  • International Coffee Hour

FSU Welcomes Record Number of
International Students to Campus

Florida State University’s global reach is on the rise. The arrival of over 475 new international students this fall is the highest number to arrive in one semester in Florida State history. The new incoming international students put the overall enrollment at more than 2,000 students from over 120 countries. Florida State welcomed and celebrated students from around the world at the university’s first-ever International Student Dinner held Monday, Aug. 29, at the Oglesby Union Ballroom. Read more…

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The CGE Upholds the Garnet and Gold

Uphold the Garnet & Gold is meant to encourage civil behavior on campus and in the larger community. To Uphold the Garnet & Gold is to demonstrate the values of Florida State; good sportsmanship at athletic events, listening to and respecting different opinions, and respecting the values and views of others are just some of the ways you can Uphold the Garnet & Gold! READ MORE..


2016 Global Citizen Award Recipients Announced

The Global Citizen Award recognizes outstanding students who exemplify global citizenship. Through their intercultural engagement, both at home and internationally, this year’s Global Citizen Award recipients have built relationships across cultures and fostered global awareness and mutual understanding on the FSU campus.

Students were nominated by faculty, staff, or their peers and selected by a panel of judges. Congratulations to our recipients (pictured L to R above) Jesse Smith-Appleson, Marcella Cavallaro, and Ye Wang.


Global Ambassadors Program Brings Cultural Awareness to the Tallahassee Community

Intercultural exchange and sensitivity are values FSU’s Center for Global Engagement is constantly striving to promote. One program created to enhance the rich intercultural environment on campus and in the Tallahassee community is the Global Ambassadors Program (GAP). GAP gives international students, faculty, and scholars the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors of their countries by engaging in speaking opportunities throughout Tallahassee at community organizations, K-12 schools, and FSU classes.

Participating in GAP allows international students to become more familiar with American culture, practice English speaking and presentation skills, and meet new people. The Tallahassee community also benefits by engaging with students from all around the world and being exposed to the similarities and differences between cultures.

One of GAP's most unique and rewarding partnerships is with the North Florida chapter of Boys Town, an organization that has touched the lives of more than 5,000 people in North Florida by giving at-risk children and families resources to foster a loving and supportive home environment. READ MORE…