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Global Citizenship Certificate:
Preparing today's students to be tomorrow's global citizens

Florida State University recognizes that today’s global economy requires graduates who are both academically and cross-culturally prepared in order to succeed in a diverse and multicultural world.

FSU offers excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities to help prepare students for the new challenges of living and working in the global society of the 21st century.

The Global Citizenship Certificate is designed to help undergraduate students maximize the rich cultural learning experiences available to them on campus, in the community, and abroad.

Students who enroll in the Certificate take two required and two elective academic courses and participate in international and/or cross-cultural experiences and events on campus. Such active learning and reflection, together with cross-cultural interaction and dialogue, help provide the invaluable cross-cultural skills and competencies needed to be a global-ready graduate.

Certificate Components

Academic Courses

Students take a total of four academic courses—two are required for all students and two are approved electives that enhance understanding of global issues and cultures.

Two Required Courses

Global Perspectives (IFS 2070 or IFS 2052)
-This foundation course introduces the concepts of intercultural communication and provides an informed starting point to build upon intercultural competencies throughout the Certificate requirements.
- Must be taken in first year of Certificate.

Global Citizenship (IFS 3125)
-In this capstone course, students synthesize and reflect on their intercultural and global experiences acquired throughout the Certificate, apply their global learning in a final synthesis project, and prepare to professionally engage with the world upon graduation.
-Must be taken in the last year/semester of the Certificate.

Both courses satisfy the FSU Liberal Studies requirements (Cross Cultural X Series, E-Series, and state mandated writing requirement). The Certificate also counts toward the international area of the Garnett and Gold Scholars Society.

Two Elective Courses
Two additional three-credit courses are electives and must be contemporary with a cross-cultural theme (one can be a language course). Courses must be approved by Certificate advisor.

Sustained Experience
Students are also required to participate in either a sustained international experience (abroad; at least one week), or an intercultural experience on campus/within the U.S. (minimum 75 hours). These experiences may vary: internships, study abroad programs, cultural exchanges, and/or service/volunteer opportunities.

8 Intercultural Events
Participation in eight intercultural events/programs on campus is required. There are four categories of events:

  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Experiential
  • Educational

Students must participate in two events per category and submit writing reflections about their experiences for approval by the Certificate advisor.

The Benefits

  • Become a more cross-culturally and globally conscious citizen of the world.
  • Develop important competencies which will help you collaborate more effectively with people from cultures different than your own
  • Develop the necessary skills to enter a work force that is diverse and multicultural
  • Demonstrate to future employers and graduate schools that you have worked to prepare yourself for today’s global society through the academic courses and cross-cultural experiences
  • Receive a certificate and a transcript notation that shows you have earned the Global Citizenship Certificate

Steps to Enroll & Complete the Certificate

  1. Meet with the Global Citizenship Certificate advisor to determine your study plan.
  2. Enroll in the Global Citizenship Certificate Blackboard site.
  3. Enroll in the Global Perspectives (IFS2070/2052) course if you haven’t already.
  4. Complete the required components of the Certificate and monitor your progress on Blackboard.
  5. Once you complete the required components and pass the Global Citizenship (IFS3125) capstone class, you will be awarded the Certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: Students can not retroactively add classes, experiences, or events to fulfill the requirements of the certificate.

For more information or to set up an appointment with an advisor, contact us by email or Dr. Elcin Haskollar at