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Coffee Hour

Every Friday, 5:00-6:30pm at the Center for Global Engagement, first floor.

Every Friday, international and U.S. students, scholars, and faculty gather for coffee and snacks at the Center for Global Engagement. It's a great place to meet new people from various parts of the world, see old friends and make plans for the weekend.

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Hosting International Coffee Hour

The Center for Global Engagement holds an International Coffee Hour every Friday from 5:00pm-6:30pm, and international RSO's can request to host a Coffee Hour once an academic year. The purpose of hosting a coffee hour is to allow RSO's to share parts of their culture and organization with the people at coffee hour. Each group will be responsible for tabling during coffee hour, with at least 2 members at the table.

How it works:

  • RSO's will email Lena Papadopoulos if interested.
  • They will fill out a short application that includes the number of people available to assist (must be available on Fridays), two options of food to be made with recipe and instructions, decoration ideas, and a theme.
  • If they are offered a spot for coffee hour, the chef will be sent the menu options and decide if they will work within the budget and time allowed
  • The chef will determine if/how many people he needs to help make the food, and what time they need to arrive. This can be as early as 12:00pm on the day of the Coffee Hour.
  • If the chef decides that he does not need assistance, the group will only be responsible for assisting with set up and decorations
  • If the chef does decide that the group will need to help in the kitchen, every member of the group who will be in the kitchen needs to attend an EHS training (set up by the CGE) prior to their date
  • The group will need to arrive no later than 3:30pm the day of the Coffee Hour to set up, decorate, and assist with any other needs
  • The group must stay until at least 6:30, the end of coffee hour, and may leave after that.
  • The Center for Global Engagement will cover the expenses and shopping for the food and supplies for the coffee hour, however the RSO's will be responsible for purchasing any decorations.
Coffee Hour Application

Please click H E R E to submit coffee hour application.