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Cultural Programs at CGE

The CGE Intercultural Programs unit's mission is to provide programs and events to promote, support and enhance the benefits of international education and exchange across our university, community, state and the world. Our programs help all FSU international and domestic students, faculty, staff, as well as community members to be more globally engaged and effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures.

Our programs benefit international students, scholars, and faculty as we offer many opportunities to help them adjust to the life in the U.S., and help them build friendships with the U.S. Americans. Additionally, we provide opportunities for international students and scholars to share their cultures and be ambassadors of their countries.

For domestic students, scholars, faculty and staff, our programs provide an opportunity to engage globally and across cultures without having to leave campus. We offer workshops and training opportunities for building effective intercultural communication skills, as well as campus-wide cultural celebrations and festivals.

Images from Some of Our Programs